Day 4: Epic Pet Battles (of History?)

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(This is part of a post series called 10 Days of Pet Battles, inspired by Navimie. I never said it’d be consecutive days.)

Day 4: What was the most epic pet battle/capture you ever had?

I unfortunately have never really thought of any of my battles or captures as ‘epic.’ Maybe it’s just the overuse of the word, maybe it’s the fact that my wins and losses are never really close so much as they are a complete blowout for either side, but I guess the first time I beat Stone Cold Trixxy would probably count for me. It was the first time I felt like I was having some ‘real’ success at pet battling, and beating Trixxy really was the hardest step for me before going on to beat the rest of the master trainers. Even Bloodknight Antari wasn’t as hard for me as that blue-garbed goblin in Winterspring; I actually went back and leveled a humanoid specifically to beat her before continuing on with my first-to-25 pair of Dark Whelpling and Darkmoon Zeppelin.

I don’t know if she was epic, but the effort I had to put in to get past her certainly seemed like it. It’s a little sad now, doing the daily. I take my engineer portal to Winterspring (and then extinguish the fires that the teleporter causes), fly out to meet her, and then… usually beat her without switching pets. Alas. I try to at least bring a leveling pet so it’s not quite a total faceroll, but sadly Trixxy is down to just being an easy source of pet satchels.

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