Day 3: Favorite Pet

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(This is part of a post series called 10 Days of Pet Battles, inspired by Navimie. I never said it’d be consecutive days.)

Day 3: Who is your favourite pet? If you could bring it out into the real world, tell me what you imagine you would be doing.

Picking just one fave seems pretty hard. I’ll totally not play favorites (hah) and instead give you a few. (All screenshots courtesy of Wowhead, as taking a good companion screenshot is trickier than it seems.)

  • Anubisath Idol, because I got him the first time I soloed Twin Emps (and that’s sort of tricky as an enhancement shaman, at least at first glance). Mostly in the real world I’d probably make him cart stuff around for me - he’s obedient and seems pretty tough, for a rock statue. He can take it.

screenshot by Wowhead

  • Atramentous, my Dark Whelpling, my second pet to 25. Without a doubt, in the real world, I’d probably have to get him to stop chasing the cat. He seems like a bit of a pest.

screenshot by Wowhead

  • My Gold Mini Jouster, Buzzard Bait, and my Blue Mini Jouster, Egg Wave. This answer’s obvious: I’d make them play a real-world game of Joust! (Outside. I don’t need bird poop in the house.)

screenshots by Wowhead


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