All Quiet on the Pandaren Front

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So, what’ve I been up to, besides not blogging?

  • As I alluded to several posts ago we finished out T14, and we’ve been working on T15… sort of. One of our on-again off-again raiders is off-again because he’s been super-busy in real life; another quit WoW cold turkey to pursue his life’s dream, which involved a move to New York; a third had his computer blow up and while he’s reinstalled WoW, he hasn’t been on, and I’m sort of worried he’s quitting. So yeah, we’ve been getting crit by the attendance bug pretty heavily. A couple new people have stepped up, but gearing has to take place, and I hate to say this, but LFR is a really shitty way to gear new people, and the valor cap doesn’t help. Regardless, we’re still raiding.
  • Banging head against Horridon. We got him down once, and then seemingly he’s gone back to being The Immovable Object. In LFR, people still haven’t figured out QUIT STANDING IN SHIT; in normal, well, this is one of those fights that’s harder on 10-man by far. That’s really all I have to say about that.
  • Sort of been gearing my monk again. I am a little disappointed that fistweaving has basically been nerfed into the ground by the untenable mana cost of Jab, but I am still more comfortable doing ‘actual healing’ on my monk than on my shaman. I don’t get it either. As an aside, my monk came into possession of two sha-touched weapons in the time it took my shaman, my ostensible main, to get one. One’s even normal-mode, so he’s technically doing better than Haloraka.
  • Putting Blingtron in places people can’t easily reach.

just sittin' on the ledge

  • Also, speaking to the power of work orders: my monk went from Neutral to Exalted with the Dominance Offensive through story quests, work orders, and doing dailies exactly twice. Oh, and a lot of cringing over the repeated misspelling of red blossom “leaks.” Blizzard? Do you need a copyeditor? I’m happy to apply.


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