Emptying My Bucket

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This bucket is sturdy enough to hold lava

August 28th (and patch 5.0.4) will be upon us in one short week, and Mists of Pandaria itself roughly a month later. A lot of talk’s been going on in the WoW blogosphere about Cataclysm bucket lists (for quite a while now, in fact), and if anyone’s going to jump onto the tail end of a trend and ride it like a bucking bronco, it’s me.

Thing is, I think I’ve already done most of my bucket list in time for Mists. I just need the expansion to show up now because this, really, is what’s left.

  • Finish my monk prep checklist. This is, as of a few days ago, done. My monk is ready to roll.✓

  • Get the Tol Barad mounts. Drake’s on my DK, wolf’s on my paladin. Soon both will be on everyone. ✓

  • Get 100 mounts. I am painfully close to finishing this - assuming my numbers are right, and they could be a little bit off because Warcraft Mounts doesn’t actually have Armory import capabilities, I’ve got about 99 mounts. Some are class specific, of course, but that works out to about 2 for each of my mains, so it should be 99 regardless. This means I just need to get 1 more mount, and the good news is, there’s lots of mounts I can get without counting on random drops: Dark Phoenix, Kor’kron Annihilator, Venomhide Ravasaur - heck, I could just go buy the Red Drake. (In retrospect, I should probably just buy the Red Drake.) I’m also a mere two achievements from getting one of my Ulduar drakes, and there’s all the expensive multi-seal mounts from the Argent Tournament (I have all the 5-seal + 500g ones). So this isn’t done - but it’s really, really close; so close I consider it finished. ✓

  • Hit exalted with the guild. This is painfully slow; it was easier when I was running Tol Barad daily, but now that I can’t stomach that place (not even for the seagull or the promise of a Fox Kit), I’ve taken to running the Cataclysm zones I didn’t do on my Death Knight for gold and guild rep - namely all of them. (I seriously did 80-83 in Hyjal, 84-85 in Deepholm.) I’m getting there - I’m about halfway to exalted, and usually hit the cap each week. However, a relatively unheralded change in Mists has been the uncapping of guild rep as well as the enormous amounts of it; rather than 60-80 per quest, think 400. I’ve also heard the cap was removed - the guild rep cap has always been a stupid idea - which means if this goes in with 5.0.4 as it is, I’ll be able to finish it before Mists of Pandaria. I have every reason to believe it’ll go in at that time; it’s a systems change, which is what the pre-expansion patch is for.

Oh yeah, the other reason I want to do this is because I’ll singlehandedly finish United Nations for the guild (apparently no one else has all four goblin cities plus Ravenholdt, go figure).

  • Finish up the Molten Front.


Check. ✓ (To be fair I haven’t gotten the scorchling - but I got the mount, the title, and the boatload of achievements, and that’s all what I was really after.)

  • Get my hunter to level 69 so she can tame exotic beasts. Getting close. She’s 63, and very close (~15%) to dinging 64, but Outland ennui is starting to set in. Or maybe it’s just Hellfire Peninsula? Either way, I’m just about done with that joint, so I can go hang out in Zangarmarsh and stare at the bog striders and be like


After that I’ll be leveling her more because I really, really want to tame Ban’thalos. ✓

  • Get the character who will be RAFing wih my monk to 10. That way he can meet him when he stops off the island. Done. ✓

So what’s on your list? Is there anything specific you’re trying to get done before 5.0 or before Mists itself? Are you just fooling around waiting on the expansion to drop?


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