Glyph Conversion Chart

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I know I’ve heard some concern about glyphs becoming charred crap like some did in the Wrath to Cataclysm conversion, and while I hadn’t seen it myself, the best way to verify things is to look at the data. But clicking on every glyph on Wowhead and then checking its ID on MOP.Wowhead sounds like a lot of work, and crafting one of every glyph on live and character transferring sounds like a lot of wasted materials. So I whipped up a script to give me side-by-side comparisons of glyphs on Cata vs. glyphs on Mists.

And then I made it into a page.

DISCLAIMER: There is some data weirdness on Wowhead’s end, and I’m not sure if it’s them or if it’s in the actual data. It consists of basically two things:

  1. Glyphs appear in the list twice. This seems to almost exclusively happen with brand new glyphs, and there’s usually one in each class that’s also subject to–
  2. Some glyphs claim to be on live that most definitely are not available there, like Glyph of the Blazing Trail. This just seems like weird data cross-pollination and can be ignored.


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