The Hobo Transmog Game

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Your local auction house's discount section is now your new wardrobe.

Yesterday, while bored, I played around with my newly-85 shaman’s wardrobe a bit. I knew I was going to be entering dungeons with him soon (more for the JP than anything) and wanted to transmog his gear, as the level 85 greens and blues he came out of Twilight Highlands with were a bit… boring? His own selection was a bit low on variety (basically his level 80 gear and then some random junk I kept in case I decided to ever go enhancement), so I decided to play a little game: the Hobo Transmog Game. Now you can too!

  1. Go to the AH.
  2. For every moggable, visible piece of gear - if you don’t usually use visible helmets and cloaks you might want to do so for variety and lulz - bring up that category on the AH, with the only criteria being a minimum of Uncommon quality.
  3. Buy the cheapest item. Don’t look at it. Just buy it.
  4. Collect your new ‘outfit’, go to your friendly neighborhood ethereals, and transmog yourself into it.

Hobo pants!

This will often cost you no more a handful of gold (or less if you get lucky!), but it has all kinds of benefits.

  1. The results are often pretty humorous.
  2. You’ll get to see items you might have never considered for an outfit otherwise.
  3. Occasionally you get some really neat matches - for instance, my shoulders and my cloak actually match really well, despite being totally random choices nearly 40 item levels apart, and could easily be the foundation of an orangish-gold “real” transmog outfit. The Mail Combat Headguard is also a really neat headband-style helmet, suitable for a lot of shaman-ish mogs.
  4. You might be providing gold to some lowbie trying to sell some random greens or something.
  5. Now you have blog post fodder.

Just for fun, after chatting about it on Twitter with Rades, I decided to see what would happen if he took his normally impeccably-dressed death knight for a spin. The results are… not totally awful!

Morgion looks like some kind of Undercity guard.

Those are actually some really neat axes - Morgion, in that outfit, would look like an NPC that I would not be totally surprised to see inside of an instance, or perhaps a questgiver of some kind.

So! Go forth, make hobo transmogs, take screenshots, write blog posts. Let’s make the Hobo Transmog Game a thing! A fun thing!


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