First Blood

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So sorry I’ve been absent, my lovelies, but let’s face it - the gearing up process is really, really boring, and anything I could write about how to properly perform as a ret or holy paladin in a raid, Kurn and Antigen have already covered in-depth better than I ever could.

So instead I’ll just note that last night BLU, fresh off a learning attempt two weeks ago and a bunch of gearing up, swaggered back into Blackwing Descent and showed Magmaw what-for.

Photo is courtesy of Ratshag; I left my screenshot at home today, sadly. Click to embiggen. Fun facts: you can slow-fall and then swim through the lava to those stairs on the other side of Magmaw’s pit. Also, Magmaw’s head falls into the lava below him and just kinda sits there when he dies.

We also went and punched Argaloth to death, just so he didn’t think he was safe on account of not hanging out with Nefarian.

And last but not least, this one’s for Falren: look, Quek is 81! And here you didn’t believe Vander when he told you I was leveling him again.


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