You've Got a Lot to See

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A trio of things inspired this post: first, Jed suggested it; secondly, a while ago we had a guildie who came back into the game having missed everything after 3.2, and spent a while telling him what he’d missed; and thirdly, a hunter we had to pug in for the final spot in a heroic SFK run.

This hunter begged us for the leather agility boots that drop from Lord Ashbury; when asked whether he wouldn’t prefer a mail piece, so as to keep his Mail Specialization intact, he informed us that “no, he didn’t need armor.” We then proceeded to inform him of the benefits of Mail Specialization, which he did not, in fact, know existed. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he was gone for the beginning of the expansion, because he was wearing about 3/4 heroic leather pieces.

So let’s kick this off - things you might have missed if you were gone a large chunk of the last expansion until this one. Leave comments, please!


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