Last One Out, Turn Out the Lights

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Usually when a blog goes silent, it’s pretty obvious why, isn’t it? In this case, I was at least still playing… sorta. I’d stopped logging on to level, or quest, or grind up rep, or really anything but raid, and my logging in started to feel less like fun and more like an obligation.

As much as I like my friends…

My WoW account’s time runs out on the 21st of March, and while I don’t regret the time I sank into the game, especially with the quirky BLU crew, I admit I feel a certain little sense of relief with letting it go.

You can find me elsewhere, still:

  • Writing the weekly import news column, Hemispheres, on Polygamerous

  • Twitter

  • Steam

  • Midboss, my other blog

  • Still hanging out on the daily in BlogAzeroth chat

  • Rift! You can find me on Shadefallen-US as part of Eye of the Manastorm; look for Rahm, Mura, Prishe, or Aldo and give me a holler.

So, adios for now, blogosphere. You can never truly get rid of me, but you won’t find me playing WoW.


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