Greetings From Hellfire Peninsula

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Or, I sense a trend.


At the end of the last expansion, I switched mains - from my warlock to my death knight. While everyone else in my guild was plowing through Northrend and gleefully discovering its then-new wonders, I was in Outland, busy being overpowered. I remember soloing Arazzius the Cruel when the quest was still orange. I remember seeing lots and lots of other death knights, most of them with their pet ghouls while I used blood spec, which back then was DPS and had virtually no downtime thanks to eight million different kinds of self-heals. I think I was the last person in my guild to hit 80 - or close to it.

Now, here we are on the cusp of a new expansion, and it looks like it might happen again. My enthusiasm for my death knight has waned here at the end of Wrath of the Lich King - I no longer enjoy the feel of tanking, finding myself often unable to do much of anything, and the DPSing just seems lackluster. I’m good at it, but I don’t enjoy it anymore, so it’s time to let Duskwalker fade into the shadows and just become an achievement whore. Oh, he’s still going to be Duskwalker the Insane one of these days - but he’s not my top priority.

Pictured above, uncomfortably stuffed into a roflcopter, is Anshul the Ret Bull. Currently in Outland, with a nearly-full quest log. He’s capable of going through enemies lickety-split, and despite the many comparisons I’ve heard (and made!) comparing paladins to rogues now (“HoPo = combo points lawl”), I still log on to him first and foremost when I play these days… and, well, ret fits nicely into our raid comp. ;)

It looks like BLU has a nice lineup of players. We’re set to tackle the first round of raids late this year or early next year - yeah, all the world firsts will be out of the way, but so will the holidays. We’ve got a nice little community of fun folks over here, and if you’re interested in some Hordeside comraderie, we’ll certainly still welcome you.

I might just be doing so from Hellfire Peninsula or Northrend for a few weeks, that’s all. :)


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