Happy Cataclysmas Eve!

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T’was the night before Cataclysmas, and all through the house… Stop was madly leveling to try to make it out of Outland before the xpac hits. :) Two levels to go and Anshul is off for a brief tour of duty in Northrend. Trying to figure out today which alts are going to make the race change to goblinhood - I know Malacrass is, but I’m unsure about Nocteria or Duskwalker. Have to think on it a bit.

Meanwhile, I’ll be out tonight doing the whole midnight launch thing. If you want to come see me or something, I’ll be at the Fort Wright Gamestop in Fort Wright, Kentucky. Map is below:

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Here’s who you should be looking for:

It's STOP!

only I won’t be rocking the Polygamerous t-shirt because it’s COLD! Probably wearing a fleece-lined Bengals hoodie and freezing, or else over at White Castle drinking coffee because like hell am I standing outside. I’m going at 10 to pay off my CE, though.

So what are your plans? Digital download? Midnight launch somewhere? Waiting the next day for it to be delivered, like I did with Wrath?


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