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Waiting to exhale (fire)

Things have been rather quiet on the home front lately. Stuff has been happening, but the blogosphere seems to be collectively holding their breath for the world to end. I’ve been taking advantage of the time to level Bishamel - remember the CYOA paladin no one cared about? Well, he’s ret now, blasting his way through enemies 10 levels over him, soloing instances, and generally just being enjoyable.

Malacrass is decked out in just enough gear to probably go into Hyjal and only replace half of it. I might try and get him a pair of i213+ leggings just to finish up Epic, but it’s not a priority. Seriously, it’s the only reason to do so.

Builders League United

We’ve been pulling in a few more people here and there, including a few known bloggers. Most importantly, however, we’re roughly a week away from finalizing our raid days. The time, at least, is set: 8-11pm EST. Now to just pick between three sets of days: Sunday/Tuesday, Sunday/Thursday (my current favorite), and Friday/Saturday (which means I can’t raid with my own guild).

Decisions, decisions.

Also, we have a tabard, six bank tabs, and are friendly. Don’t all guilds have to say that nowadays? You’d think so from Guild Recruitment…

Running rampant through the hallowed Core

Last night, on a whim, I decided to rush up my Thorium Brotherhood reputation. This took all of a few hours, maybe 2-3 tops. Felt like I spent more time at the Auction House than actually questing.


So after robbing the Dark Irons of pillows and face-punching incendosaurs, I was left with nothing to do but go to the Molten Core. So I figured… why not? Worst case scenario, I continue to wipe on Gehennas like usual, settle for downing Garr and Geddon in hopes of finding the bindings, and go home with some rep items for the Brotherhood. Instead, I managed to down Gehennas (take that, longtime enemy), along with the rest of the Core up until Ragnaros - I had an unlucky positioning problem and went splat on the knockback, and by then it was approaching 2:30 in the morning.

Got my Sulfuron Ingot - hello, Sulfuron Hammer plans - and a few other goodies, including the formula for +30 spellpower to a weapon which works on heirlooms.

By fire be purged, indeed.

Good news, everyone! I’ve fixed the broken achievement!

You heard that in Professor Putricide’s voice. Or Professor Farnsworth’s. Either is okay.

The latest build in the beta no longer includes The Shen’dralar in the requirements for Insane in the Membrane. If that’s the case, and it stays that way, then I really just need Darkmoon and the goblins and I’m done. That’s refreshing, though it sucks for people who did do the Shen’dralar grind (and money sink) - hopefully they’ll get their own separate feat of strength.

Update: this is confirmed, and they will add something for Shen’dralar grinders.



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