This Is Not About My Impressions of 3.3

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fall That, if I decide to do it, will come tomorrow. I’d have to find something different to say from what I’ve already said, though. The problem is that patch day and my weekly real-life gaming night fall on the same day, so by the time I got home last night, the instances were mostly smoothed out in my battlegroup… but I got to spend my time sitting in front of the gates to ICC, waiting on a tank and a healer to miraculously log on to go with the three DPS we got together in a hurry.

There’s just been a lot of stuff to deal with lately (though not stemming from the patch - frost death knights saw virtually no changes of note in this patch, which is just fine and dandy with yours truly), and it hasn’t been the best of times, but I’m hoping tonight fixes that. We’ll see. If I can’t get into ICC, maybe I can at least PUG a little bit with the new LFG mechanism (which Anea sums up nicely here with her in-game experiences, so I don’t have to). If anyone on Rampage runs into Rajaat, give me a wave. :)

Also: boy, that Core Hound Pup is cute! Lil’ K.T. has himself some competition for the spot of my favorite pet.

Tonight will also probably be when I redo my UI from the ground up. I mentioned on Twitter that a few things were non-negotiable. Those things are, in no particular order:

  • A rune timer of some kind. I’m currently using SimpleRune because it lives up to its name.

  • Unit frames. Currently I use Grid, but full-fledged raid frames are largely overkill for what I do. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Shadowed Unit Frames, and may give it a try. (Users of SUF are welcome to convince me. :))

  • A configurable bar mod. Currently rocking Dominos. My primary reason for this is a bar layout that matches my n52te. I’m not totally committed to this, but I like to at least have 14 keys, with the ability to page to 14 different keys by holding alt, and as just about any bar mod will do that… (Also, you can tell how old the screenshot in that post is because it still shows Unholy Blight as a clickable, actually-useful spell. Ah, those were the days.)

    • I put the bar mod down as non-negotiable, but honestly, I dunno. If I could find a 14-button bar mod with paging on keypress and a few additional slots to the side for things I am lazy about, like mounts and Path of Frost, that might be sufficient. I might not need all the extra jazz that Dominos comes with.
  • Quartz. More for my caster alts than my main.

  • Jamba, but only until February, when my recruit-a-friend runs out again. I loooove Jamba.

  • RatingBuster, because I hate crunching math on the fly.

That’s basically it. I do have some utility stuff (Auctioneer for bank alt, for instance), but a lot of my addons have been replaced by built-in features - for instance, from what I tried last night, I don’t think I’ll need to be toting around Cartographer or QuestHelper anymore; I could truthfully do away with Outfitter at this point; and LightHeaded’s built in features have been replaced by having a second monitor. I also have Buffalo3 but I don’t find it very useful. I also have some features I’ve lost that I’d like to get back - for example, a movable minimap like SexyMap or Carbonite’s map.


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