The First Five Things I'm Doing After 3.3 Drops

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Borrowed from Bible of Dreams:icecrowncitadel

  1. Get into LFG and finish the 5-mans, straight off the bat. I was blathering Ratshag’s ear off again this morning on IM about how there’s 1, maybe 2 drops in all of the first two instances for me… and then I can replace damn near most of my gear in heroic Halls of Reflection. (Plus I kinda wanna see Uther.) In fact, “PUG randomly and constantly” is on my list of things to do because I need - need - to get rid of this crappy mix of T7, T7.25, and T8 that I’m sporting. Ugh. Just… ugh.

  2. Figure out where the hilt for Quel’Delar drops, and get started on it. Papa wants a brand new legendary (as in its place in the lore, not its gear level - don’t be overly literal) sword to dual-wield with his beer mug.

  3. Log onto my rogue and enjoy the 70% walk speed stealth! And, maybe level her or something.

  4. Wish that “bind on account” actually meant “binds to account” and not “binds to WoW account” because I would really like to send my paladin some heirlooms suited for following my rogue around healing her, but unfortunately that won’t happen. One step at a time, I guess. (Cross-faction BOA! Woooooo~)

  5. Keep working on Insane in the Membrane, since I’ve been slacking lately, kinda. (As far as I’m concerned, leveling my rogue is working on Insane in the Membrane. Those junkboxes won’t pickpocket themselves.)

So what are you going to do first when the patch drops?


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