What I Do When I'm Not Playing WoW: An Anecdote

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You know what’s not a good idea? Changing your laptop’s OS before leaving on vacation and thinking, “eh, WoW works fine under Wine, I don’t have to worry about silly things like testing. And this OS seems to be running fine - I can’t think why I’d need to bring my flash drive to install a replacement.” So yeah, after posting about how awesome the rep gain bonus for the holiday was, and how I was planning to take advantage of it, and after in my head planning out a series of nice relaxing Dire Maul runs while my turkey digested… well, let’s just say none of that happened.

Spoiler alert for anyone thinking about it: Acer Aspire One AOD-150 + Kubuntu + Wine + WoW = a non-working WoW setup.

Wednesday night, after fiddling with it and failing pretty much all day, I gave in and finally bought a copy of Windows 7 Home Premium at the reduced education cost - it had been previously running the Windows 7 RC, it needed a legitimate OS anyhow. By midday Thursday I was reinstalling Windows onto my netbook using my mom’s new $700 Pentax camera, plus the 16 GB SDHC card from my DSi, as a cobbled-together USB drive. Oh, and I booted the Win7 DVD using UNetbootin, because my setup wasn’t epic enough yet.

So after maybe an hour or so, I had a fully-functioning netbook with its own proper OS again, and it would’ve been entirely capable of running WoW had I remembered to evacuate my WoW setup from Kubuntu. Whoops.

Oh, hey, no biggie, I’ll watch Persona: Trinity Soul instead. … Wait, you mean I left that on the Kubuntu drive as well? Damn it! Oh well, I can just download them from home.

Wait, what do you mean it’s going to take a bajillion hours to download from home? Oh hell, now I have to find new things to do. Good thing I planned for this eventuality and brought Persona 3 FES and Persona 4 home with me. So I spent pretty much the rest of my vacation playing those two, as indicated on my Backloggery.PUNT

Which led to me and Cas discussing Persona 4 on Twitter and concluding that even though she has the best followup in the game, Chie Satonaka cannot Galactic Punt Ameno-sagiri.

No matter what the picture that goes with this post may tell you.

Hope everyone had a good, or at least tolerable, holiday, and it’s good to be back. :)


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