In Which Stop Briefly Channels His Inner Orc

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All the wimmens and all you other flubbernuggers too:

Now I thinks I know how Linedan What Takes Good Facepunches was feelin’ back when I said I was quittin’ the first time around. As of this mornin’, ol’ Ratshag’s gone a-fishin’. No, Mr. Shag: not bad fer a humble orc from Durotar. Not bad at all.

So raise yer glasses, those of you what’s drinkin’ this hour of the mornin’, and pour a little out on the ground fer an avatar of virility what once roamed this here interwebs. We’ll miss ya, Ratters.

Then drink the rest. What? We ain’t wastin’ good beer, ya glubbermunghin’ morons!



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