Because Bell Did It

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Not *quite* the same, is it? So last night, I did something I hadn’t done in a while: I logged onto an alt I hadn’t played in close to two years, and I genuinely enjoyed it. However, unlike Bell, who is flailing about as a hunter, my alt in question is my long-abandoned shaman, Kallech, who isn’t even at 80. My first alt upon my return to WoW (and have I ever posted about the first time? I was a druid, believe it or not), Kallech got dropped sometime around the time when my cousins lost interest in WoW and therefore I knew no one Alliance-side to play with. He moved around a little bit - I moved him to Silver Hand once, even, because I knew a person or two there.

So why did I revive Kallech? It’s hard to say. I’ve been taking a greater interest in my alts lately, mostly out of a desire to try different things. After all, prior to my DK, I only really had one other main - my warlock - and so there’s a lot of things I haven’t done. I’ve never leveled a healer past the 40s, for instance! Kallech is proving to be fun, too. Just for fun, I bought a mix of greens and blues off the AH and talented him up as elemental. Why? Mercurial whims - I woke up yesterday and was, for no apparent reason, really jazzed to play an elemental shaman. Turns out the late 40s is as good a time as any to do this.

After wandering over to Ironforge to get my Totem of the Earthen Ring, and equipping my newer bigger bags and my new shiny horribly mismatched greens and blues (I’m practicing my Outland clown suit look, if anyone asks), I then took the annoying trip to the Exodar. I hopped on my slow elekk, wandered down to the tram, took the tram to Stormwind, took the boat to Darnassus, got on the boat to the Exodar, and almost made it all the way to the Exodar without anyone pointing out that I could get my fast mount at 40, what a nub.I think he's mad because his helmet looks stupid.


So after getting equipped with fast mount, then helping some lowbies stop the horseman in Azure Watch (fun fact: it is nigh impossible to see the fire in some places in there), I went back to the Hinterlands and pew pew’d my way through wolves, trolls, slimes, and what have you. Yay!

In 3 more days I’ll be the Champion of Ironforge, which will in turn bring me all the way up to Crusader level. I believe my first purchase will be a vest and those goofy-ass elemental shoulders, and maybe even one of the weapons. (I have a lot of champion’s seals.)

Alternately? I may just buy the two heirlooms, and a pony, since Ghostcrawler finally gave us that pony he promised.


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