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Man, how I missed that sound.

My, grandma, what a ginormous head you have.

As my faithful zombie minion posted, 10 Sidhe Devils decided to poke their nose inside Ulduar, and due to an unforeseen set of circumstances, I had my chance to go in with them. Bosses were downed, gnomes were puked on, and a good time was had by all. A few minor upgrades were gotten; now I have to figure out what the hell my hit actually needs to be, and where I can get more expertise, and aaaaaaaah. Hit rating is the bane of my existence. (And for the record, yeah, I know to be yellow-capped it’s 1% Draenei racial + 3% Nerves of Cold Steel + 4% from gear = 8% yellow cap, I’m mostly dramatizing. I think I’m okay - but I desperately need to find some expertise again.)

We originally only planned to go through three of the Siege bosses (Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, and XT), but then we were doing so well, we figured, what the hell, let’s down Ignis! And after Ignis, well, that was as far as we had prepared because we had originally planned to stop there… but everyone wanted to at least see inside, so I walked people through the couple trash packs before Kologarn, then Kologarn himself. The Devils did a good job downing Kologarn while I hovered around as a corpse! (Rubble AOE = ouch.)

And I should explain the minion thing. As the fight began against XT-002, Jess caught an unlucky light bomb while, I guess, out of reach of the healers, so she died. Shortly thereafter, I also caught a light bomb, and offset a bunch of my damage with Anti-Magic Shield + Gift of the Naaru + being in range of a healer. However, as I turned around to run out of range of other people, who should I run into but Jess’s body? Well, I hate to see someone have to sit there and do nothing, so I gave her the gift of life; or, rather, unlife. She’s quite a good zombie, if a bit mouthy. ;)

Here’s some more screenshots.

me and Bear, sieging Ulduar Hooray! Suck it, you bucket of bolts. Not much to see here, but at least it's a dead Razorscale.

Luckily, Jess died to a *light* bomb. Even the downtime is awesome with SD. Airdropping into Ignis. Really. *cough*

It FELL ON ME! Smile! You may be noticing a trend. I had a tendency to get eaten by Rubbles.


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