Dumb as a Box of Rocks

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As long as you’re not doing anything today, you should go read Darraxus the Warrior’s deep thoughts on raid bosses who are dumb as a box of rocks. He points out things I’ve thought about many times while raiding, such as:

…the enrage timer.

Patchwerk: “I have been hitting you guys for six minutes and you arent dead. I guess I will just kill you now.” If they are capable of this massive amount of damage, why do they wait to use it? If I were to get into a fight, I wouldnt try to slap someone for 5 minutes and then decide to hit them with some haymakers.

I have to add that aggro radiuses in general, while a necessary game mechanic to some degree, are just idiotic. I mentioned Heigan in my comment on that post, but really it could apply to any raid boss, just about. Except maybe Loatheb; I get the feeling that that walking pile of fungus just isn’t quite all there.


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