The Blizzard Authenticator: A Journey in Pictures

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BlizzardAuthenticator As we were warned by quite a few WoW bloggers this past week (including Kestrel, Anna, Rohan and World of Snarkcraft), a rather sophisticated WoW phishing scheme has been circulating disguised as a 3-day suspension notice. While, yes, Blizzard has pounded it into our heads that they will never ask for our username or password, sometimes in a moment of panic or unclear thinking or, hell, just haven’t had caffeine yet, you may still accidentally compromise your account by falling for one of these scams. Furthermore, there’s always keyloggers out there, waiting to snap up your info next time to log in and transfer it to more malicious sources.

The Blizzard Authenticator is the best thing we’ve got for now, and it’s a damned far sight better than having no authenticator at all. However, I’ve heard a lot of recent confusion from different sources - how does the Authenticator connect to my account? How does it “know” it’s me? That sort of thing. Well, I’m here to not just tell you, but to show you - I’ll walk you step-by-step through connecting an Authenticator to your account or unmerged WoW account, and using it to log into WoW.


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