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It’s a Monday, and somehow I’ve already been awake too long. Let’s dive right in to what’s running through my head and has been happening in-game, shall we?

  • Leave it to Blizzard to invalidate anything I was writing about two posts ago. I don’t have to worry about pet control in a 51/0/20 Blood build because, well, it’s completely impossible. The permaghoul is now completely in the hands of heavy Unholy builds.

  • I respecced my DK again (0/20/51), grabbed the best slow/fast weapon combo I could get with absolutely no effort, and went to Heroic HoL. I hadn’t had any practice whatsoever with this build, but I still took second place on overall DPS. I would’ve had higher, but the tank was having a lot of problems holding threat against the shadow priest and me. Reason: I don’t think I’d ever really given dual-wielding a fair shake, and so I figured, why the hell not? Not like I’ve got anything else going on these days.

  • I really, really, really want to get into a Malygos raid one of these days. I don’t see it happening pre-3.1. /sad

  • My baby druid is up to 22, having just finished up the last of the Tranquillien questlines, hitting Exalted with them, and wandered off to Undercity to hand over the good tidings of Dar’khan Drathir’s passing. In all his clothie gear, he’s the funniest-lookin’ moocow to ever moo. I also just remembered he needs to go train. Hopefully I remember to do that tonight.

  • I keep looking at my shaman and wanting to level her, but at the same time… I wish it was an orc. And not a her. I dunno. 36 levels isn’t really that much to lose, especially when 20+ of them were RAF granted ‘bonus’ levels. But, I’ve been holding off on that because…

  • Vandersloot and I are supposed to be starting new alts soon, possibly as soon as Friday. He wants to make a warlock, and do recruit-a-friend, so I volunteered to be on the ‘new’ account, and will probably be rolling a warrior. Busy, busy.


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