TSF’s Super-Short Guide to “Aces High!”

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Aces High! seems to confound a lot of people. I’m pretty sure the following isn’t good practice for Malygos, but this’ll get you through the quest. Repeat this mantra:

1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 5, 3

That’s it. Flame Spike x5, Flame Shield, Revivify. Repeat until dead. The dragons’ll take you a little bit longer to kill, but you can nearly do it without paying attention. You do still need to pay a little bit of attention, because if Arcane Surge comes while you’re still early in the Flame Spike routine, you need to skip ahead and activate Flame Shield anyway or you will die.

AcesHighOh, and if you run into two drakes, run away. Usually you only get one but occasionally two will aggro. You’ll find you can use your speed burst and revivify to speed to the middle of the nexus near the bottom; head back up once they de-aggro. Or, better yet, just pull the scalesworn elites away from the pack - you can in fact cast your mantra above while moving.

Dragons are awesome. Happy hunting!


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