Finally Kickstarted My Loot Mojo

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Oh yeah. I got me a big ol’ bottle of the good loot mojo at last! Ran Gundrak tonight to attempting to help a bear druid get some gear (and yet I was the only plate wearer, so - well - see below), then 25-man Archavon where some DK pants dropped but I lost the roll on them, then off to Nexus, VH, and I think that’s it. Well, tonight the loot gods smiled on me at last (except for those DK pants), and I ended up with the following.

DPS gear (main spec):

Tank gear (off spec):

Sheesh. Busy night! I even got a BOE blue tank necklace that was like a slightly worse version of the one I have already. I don’t know what brought on this sudden infusion of loot mojo… but I pray it continues into tomorrow, when I’m supposed to go into Naxx for the first time. Eek!


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