What’s Your Unicorn?

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unicorn Bre, that gun-loving heal-slinging dwarf chick, asks: what’s your unicorn? Unicorn, in this case, doesn’t literally refer to your one-horned mythical horse with a particular fondness for virgins, but rather that one piece of elusive loot that always gets away. For Bre, it’d be the Sonic Spear, and I can sympathize by proxy - I know plenty of other hunters who never got Murmur to give up the goods. As for me? Hmm. For the most part, in TBC the answer was “any loot at all,” but my specific unicorn…

Well, I had two. Twin unicorns? I tried, tried, and tried again to get the Hex-Shrunken Head and Amani Divining Staff time and time again. The Hex-Shrunken Head only dropped once, and one of our shadow priests beat me by 1 on a roll for it… grr. As for the divining staff? Well, let me just sum up our loot mojo like this: we had six Tuskbreakers in a row. Six. SIX. SIX FREAKIN’ TUSKBREAKERS. We don’t even have six actively-raiding gun users! The last week we ran Zul’aman? Rage.

The last week we ran Zul’aman, though, I guess the game was feeling sorry for me: it finally let me replace my crappy main-hand non-heroic dungeon blue with Wub’s Cursed Hexblade. When I finally get around to leveling Queklain, that’s what he’ll be swinging into Wrath with.

So what’s your unicorn?


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