Part of an Evening, in Pictures

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Okay, so this one’s actually a few days old, but it was just so pretty I couldn’t bear not to include it. This is the freshly new-to-Northrend Zulfon, parachuting out of a siege tank. No, I don’t know why the siege tanks eject you several hundred yards upwards with a parachute. I blame goblin design.


I have the best minipet ever: a holographic mage of the Kirin Tor. Someday I need to introduce him to his real self.


Just after downing Anomalus in the Nexus. Turns out that busting out Vargoth in the middle of an instance without explaining it first causes people to ask questions like, “Should I talk to this guy?” Sure, if you want to go hunt down some stuff for him in Outland. (I actually do have a quest available from him.)


And this is Zulfon after a hard night’s work in the Nexus, crackling with the power of the storm. Frosty seems to be trying to perch on her arm like some kind of undead draconic parrot.


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