Useless Tip of the Day: Binding Show/hide Helm (or Cloak) to Keys

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Ever wished you could turn your character’s helmet or cloak on or off via the keyboard instead of fishing through interface options for it? Turns out it’s pretty easy, you’ll just have to do a little macro fiddling.

First, prepare your macros. Make one, call it whatever you like (I suggest something helmet-related), and give it an icon of your choice (I chose the mask that usually comes on disguise buffs). Here’s the text you want to put into it:
/run ShowHelm(not ShowingHelm())

Make a second macro, call it whatever you like (perhaps a cloak pun; ask Fimlys for one, he’s a Grand Master Punsmith), give it an icon of your choice, and here’s the (strikingly similar) text:
/run ShowCloak(not ShowingCloak())

That’s it. Throw those on your hotbar somewhere. For extra credit, using an addon like Dominos, choose one of your normally-hidden action bars (for me, that was bar 8), add the macros to it, bind otherwise-unused keys to your new macros (for me, those are F11 and F12), and re-hide the bars. Dominos doesn’t care whether a bar is shown when you press the key, so you’ll actually end up being able to toggle your helmet and cloak with F11 and F12, but without taking up precious action bar space.


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