Staying Grounded

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Current gold total: around 800 gold. I think I’ll just keep saving up gold and keep Zulfon’s feet on the ground for now. Here’s why:

  • Flight skill: 800 gold.

  • Epic flight skill: 5000 gold.

  • Cold weather flying skill: 1000 gold.

  • Winged Steed of the Ebon Blade: 1000 gold minus faction discount, and it doesn’t look like a cooked chicken anymore. Currently costs me 950 gold.

Unfortunately, even doing the entire Knights of the Ebon Blade questline in Zul’drak - starting with An Invitation, of Sorts… or Darkness Calling and going all the way through Betrayal - I’d still not get all the way to honored, unfortunately.

Looks like I’d be a few hundred rep shy (currently at 3710, the quest chain gives 2125 in total, yielding 5835/6000 - almost but not quite honored), so it really doesn’t matter if I get the gryphon now or at 77, it’ll still be 950 gold, for a grand total of…

7750 gold. Sheesh. I’ve got a few quests to do…


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