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Has anyone else noticed any weirdness with autofollow lately? I posted about it on the forums here (let the flaming and trolling ensue, I’m sure), but I’ll repost here to see if anyone else has noticed this behavior:

The reason I ask about autofollow is this.

Pre-3.0.2: I started dual-boxing two characters (thanks Recruit-a-Friend) by running two instances of WoW on the same computer. Autofollow seemed to have a problem where if I ran too far ahead of the secondary character with the primary one, he’d lag behind, take stupid paths by attempting to follow a straight line, and eventually would break autofollow by falling too far behind.

Post-3.0.2, pre-3.0.3: Suddenly, in Echoes of Doom, autofollow worked like magic. Nothing I did could cause my secondary character to break autofollow - he would even follow me around corners. I could run at top speed through cities like Silvermoon City or Orgrimmar without him getting stuck on barriers or trying to run through a corner in a hallway. I could take narrow paths in instances and out in elevated areas without any problems. No changes in my hardware or network connection were made during this time - in fact, it worked even through the lagstorms of Echoes of Doom.

Post-3.0.3: Autofollow is back to its pre-3.0.2 behavior. No changes in my hardware or network again, but now autofollow is back to ‘stuttering,’ lagging, and eventually breaking autofollow. The ‘pathing’ behavior I saw seems to have been borked too - whereas before I could follow a twisting road with no difficulties, last night my secondary character fell off a cliff in Feralas because he decided to run straight across a curve in the road. Whoops.

I guess what I want to know is - was the behavior I witnessed during 3.0.2, prior to 3.0.3 just a coincidence? Considering I didn’t change any the resources on my end at all, it feels like a bug, but if a blue confirms there were no changes to autofollowing, I’m willing to accept that it probably was just sheer luck that it worked marvelously for a couple weeks.

It’s kind of a pain in the ass dualboxing when one of my characters continually falls off cliffs or gets left behind in instances. At least he lets me know when it happens.


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