The Patch, It Is A-comin'

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(To the tune of The Times They Are A-Changin’ by the esteemed Mr. Dylan)

Come gather ‘round players, from every realm come
And admit that maintenance day has begun
And accept it that soon you’ll be nerfed to the ground
If your class is worth playin’, then you better start whinin’
Or you’ll lose a raid spot
For the patch, it is a-comin’

Come players under 50, who need mana too
And easier mounts, for the lazier noobs
Don’t taunt the warlock, they’ve got Infernals indoors
But up against rogues we’ll still get to eat floor
Pity the paladins - bubblewings no more
Oh wait, that was a hotfix

Cats got nerfed again, you can kiss them goodbye
Aspect of the Viper can’t make up its mind
Don’t expect more weird omens, no more potent shivs,
But more fury warriors will be rockin’ kung-fu grips
Hope you’re prepared for more night elves on stealth
Bears’re going slightly berserk - maybe they miss the health
Blizzard keeps changing spells we don’t have yet
With the patch that is a-comin’

Divine Plea’s no longer affected by haste
At least Judgements of the Wise won’t go to waste
Even if you don’t get back more of your own
Your three-target taunt’s more often cooled down
But hey, let’s be honest: we know what’s up with this
Ghostcrawler forgot non-ret pallies exist
In this patch that is a-comin’

Someone at Blizzard finally turned on spellcheck
And someone else stabbed Glyph of Souls in the neck
We’ll have more ’the Halloweds’ than Murlocs or gnomes
It almost makes me want to just keep Jenkins on
So let’s QQ and move on in our MMO plights
‘Cause let’s face it, in one week we’ll all roll Death Knights
But for the now - the patch is a-comin’


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