A Night in Pictures

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First off, I almost finished my Arcatraz key tonight. Almost. Sadly my group for Heroic Bot (sure, I could run it on regular, but hey, free badges) fell apart before we even got in the door, with two people not having keys and our 5th spot (a dps, go figure) rotating madly, and our tank and healer both losing their connection… but none of that matters. Look at this guy’s guild name:

Exciting! But then came the most important part of the night. On my way out to the Plaguelands with Van to go rock Stratholme’s face off, I was put on the sub list for Kara, then - wait for it - onto the actual raid for Kara… then given a raid spot in our Kara runs! (One of our hunters is completely way overgeared even for Kara; there’s nothing there he needs at all anymore, so he gave me his raid spot. Thanks Chopper!) Here’s a couple of pictures to illustrate how the night went:

The first time we fought this guy, the dps was a little unfocused (mostly all fighting different flares) and so I ended up playing a decently long game of Bejeweled. (If you don’t have this addon, you need to get it. It is made of win.)

And yes, that’s the corpse of Prince Malchezzar. Everyone did fantastic on all 3 attempts at this guy - it’s just that the first two times we had horrible random luck. The first time, I and two of the healers both got hit with an enfeeble - almost exactly when an Infernal landed. Whoops, time for more Bejeweled. The second time, his axes made short work of a couple people, and when the infernal finally landed too close to the ranged group that indicated “hey guys, let’s move,” there was literally nowhere to go - there was about a 1-inch path between infernals where you weren’t getting completely wasted.

On the other hand, Terestian Illhoof was so much fun. Seed! Seed! Seed! Seed! Taptaptap Seed! Seed! Seed!

Plus I feel pretty good in my performance - all the way up Kara, on both trash and on bosses, I was pretty consistently second on the damage meter, only falling behind our rogue. And, yes, I did come out with a new ring (from chess of all things), a definite upgrade to one of my old quest reward rings.

It was a great night. :)


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