Mmm, Tasty!

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something tells me we won't be seeing these at BK anytime soon

As I was leveling cooking last night (370/375 - and I don’t feel a rush to finish it, as I can make all the food I need to make for raids and such and I’m sure there’ll be something better to level it on in Wrath than a green recipe), something occurred to me: is it just me, or does a lot of the food in World of Warcraft sound really appetizing?

I mean, sure, it’s dropping from weird otherworldly raptors sometimes, and sometimes you probably don’t want to know what’s in it, but there are other times where food in World of Warcraft has made me hungry in real life from sounding delicious. So what’s your favorite thing?

I was tempted to go with Warp Burgers, until I remembered what warp stalker flesh looks like before you cook it:

uh, ew?

That just doesn’t look healthy, folks. I honestly think I’d have to go with a treat taught to us by our favorite mushroom-based friends, the clam bar. I figure I already like fried clams - why not just make them into a bar?


I have to admit, though, that I’m kind of curious about the food that the Consortium offers - like Diamond Berries. Are they more diamond or berry?


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