Wowhead: Now With Comparisons!

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Man, I thought Wowhead was sexy before, but now? Now it’s the Scarlett Johansson of WoW databases.

Today, Wowhead introduced their Item Comparison Tool. Not simply a tooltip side-by-side comparison machine, it actually sports a number of features, including:

  • Comparison of, seemingly, as many items as you can fit on your screen.

  • Side-by-side comparison of actual gains. Wowhead takes the stuff you’d get from every item, takes it away, and shows you a summary row with the actual gains from taking one item (or set of items) over another.

  • Make your own set! You can add premade sets to the comparison tool and compare them in their entirety, but you can also drag and drop items to make your own sets of items and compare them against one another.

  • Weight scales - you know those nifty weight scales Wowhead has, where you can choose to see which items are ‘best’ based on class, spec, and optionally any tweaking you’d like to do? Yeah, that’s incorporated here too - you can add a scale and see at a glance which items will perform best for your given criteria.

  • Oh, and the 3D viewer’s integrated too. You can choose the race and gender to view an item or items on, including whole sets - such as the Death Knight starting gear on anyone you like.

Oh, and any comparison can be linked to. How fun is that? Just as an example, I decided to pair up some possible main-hand/off-hand combinations, a staff that could potentially drop, and - for giggles - the warlock version of Atiesh. As you can see, according to the default Warlock - Affliction weight filter, I’d probably be best served by (out of these options, anyway…) the Nathrezim Mindblade/Orb of the Soul-Eater combo, then the Staff of Infinite Mysteries, then Atiesh, then the Greatsword of Horrid Dreams/Orb combo, then the Archmage’s Guile/Orb combo, and lastly the Mana Wrath/Orb pairing - you know, the one I’m still wielding. Whoops…

Too bad I can’t get an Atiesh! That’d be fun to wander around with.


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