Hitting the Spell Hit Cap at 80 for Warlocks, Using Rep and Crafted Gear

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I’ve recently been doing some looking at that delightful mechanic of spell hit (or as Wrath calls it, ‘hit rating’ - hoorah for homogenization of stats). For a warlock, in Burning Crusade, the magic number if you wanted to have a 99% chance of hitting a raid boss was 202. Doesn’t sound like much, but honestly, getting 202 spell hit prior to actually doing any raiding was a pain in the ass. There’s an occasional rep item like Ashyen’s Gift you can pick up, some main-hand or off-hand items, and even the occasional enchantment, but what it boils down to is that spell hit is a fairly annoying thing to stat for prior to actually raiding.

Hence, a catch 22: many raids want you to be hit capped to go on a raid, but you need to go on a raid (or gimp yourself in other areas) to hit the hit cap.

Well, friends, it looks like Wrath is set to fix a great deal of that.


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