A Nicely Overlapping To-do List

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You know, if I can get just a few things done, the list of instances I need to visit with Queklain overlaps nicely. I can save myself a few trips!

  1. Figure out the easiest way to get 1441 Lower City rep and finally pick up my Auchenai Key. It annoys me that this is the only key I don’t have, but Lower City is so freakin’ annoying to get rep for.

  2. Heroic Shattered Halls, for Trial of the Naaru: Mercy. The annoying part of this is that it has to be the 55-minute no-one-gets-executed run, and I don’t think my guild’s ever tried that. Basically we would have to have 0 wipes between Nethekurse and Bladefist (since exiting Grand Warlock Nethekurse’s room starts the timer).

  3. Botanica, on either difficulty, for the second half of How to Break into the Arcatraz. This’ll also net me A’dal’s Gift. In theory, however, this one is totally optional.

That’ll get everything up to where it nicely overlaps, and I can start running instances for multiple goals! Whee!

  1. Heroic Shadow Labyrinth, for both Entry into Karazhan and half of Trial of the Naaru: Strength.

  2. Heroic Steamvaults, for both the other half of Trial of the Naaru: Strength and half of The Second and Third Fragments.

  3. Heroic Arcatraz, for both Trial of the Naaru: Tenacity and the other half of The Second and Third Fragments.

Funny how that all works out, isn’t it? Methinks Khadgar and A’dal have a racket going. :) After that I’m just a Mags raid away from a title, and a BM run away from having a Karazhan key (which I admit I am mostly doing for the rep).



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