Keyed Up

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So I was dropping by Auchindoun anyway, and I thought, “hey, I’ll go check on those fine folks over at the Sha’tari Base Camp.” And lo and behold, they have a lot of things for me to do… so long story short, the number of arakkoa I had to hunt for my Lower City key turned out to be 0, and I’m now finally keyed for every heroic instance except Magister’s Terrace.

Funny, a little over a month and a half to go in BC and I’m just now able to do all the heroics.

I’m on kind of a short semi-break from Queklain, as Fatalis has canceled its Saturday Kara raids, citing lack of interest. Since the odds of me getting into the 25-man Raid 1 group are slim (being as how they’re already full, as far as I know), and now the odds of me getting into Kara are nonexistent (again, Raid 1’s full), I’m sort of considering just building up gold on him, going for the epic flyer, and leveling someone else in the meantime. Heaven knows I’ve got Recruit-a-Friend characters to build up…


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