All in One Night?!

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Getting there, slowly but surely…

Tonight was a fun night. First I made myself productive, by maxing out first aid and then adding 100 or so points to enchanting (currently at 247, unfortunately; still too low to enchant items from heroics or many green Outland drops). Then, after the summons to heroics, ended up running Heroic Ramps, Heroic BM, and Heroic Mech back-to-back. Yes, back-to-back.

First, in Ramps, I picked up the Headdress of Alacrity, which in addition to looking like a completely pimped-out mohawk frame (and it’s even in my favorite color, Warlock Purple), is a pretty good helmet and will be even better once I hit revered with the Sha’tar and can enchant it.

Then, in BM, while I didn’t get anything apart from badges, Vandersloot picked up an Hourglass of the Unraveller while Mandollf got himself a Quantum Blade. I was kind of hoping for Khadgar’s ol’ kilt, but it didn’t drop. Alas!

Finally, after some technical difficulties (Van needed 1 rep point to get his key, then one of our DPSers apparently lost internet in his entire region, and so on) we popped into Heroic Mechanar and ran over the place. I did half of How to Break Into the Arcatraz and picked up a Mana Wrath. I kind of feel guilty, because I joked to Mandollf saying that I was going to laugh if we went through all this nonsense to get to the end of Mechanar and the Mana Wrath dropped instead of the sword he was going for, and then it did. Whoops.

And last but not least, because I didn’t think I’d be able to compile quite as large a collection of badges by Wrath as I’d like, I went ahead and picked up an Orb of the Soul-Eater, too.

So, yes, I’m slowly getting there… and I guess if it turns out that even after all this work warlockery isn’t for me, it’s nice to know I can always turn to a life of piracy.

Yarrr, matey.


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