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Responding to a recent BA shared topic: “I was thinking maybe everyone could write a little about why you chose the class and why other players should/would choose your class (or even not choose it) and what aspects need to be taken into consideration.”

I feel I’m able to adequately sum this up in at least a few questions.

  • Do you like watching your foes bleed to death not from their wounds, but from their souls?

  • Do you enjoy slinging around the primal forces of fire and pure evil?

  • Ever wanted someone to order around, but without the messy responsibility of keeping them fed or happy?

Then sign up today for The Warlock! As a Warlock, you’ll find yourself an outcast from the society you choose to participate in, unless of course you’re one of the Forsaken, or a gnome. Gnomes are too curious to care, and the undead are too ruthless to care! Welcome to warlockery.

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching your foe think to himself, “hurr hurr hurr, a squishy clothy, ZOG SMASH!” and then dying halfway to you as he throws himself uselessly against your big blueberry and suffers from periodic damage, the affliction warlock’s bread and butter.

Or maybe direct damage is more your flavor! Warlocks also come in destruction, for when you just need to sling shadow bolts and incinerates aplenty. Sure you only have shadow and fire, but it’s enough to keep those big numbers popping up.

Want to pretend you’re a hunter? (I kid, I kid.) We may not have the huge variety of pets, but our demonologists have all the minions you can handle, including their own special bodyguard, the Felguard. Nothing says lovin’ like a demon that constantly threatens your life as he does your bidding!

There’s so much more to love about warlockery, but for me, it’s the visceral thrill of watching someone die as I laugh, surviving things I should have no right to survive simply on account of being able to constantly balance out my mana and health at will, and with more “oh sh*t!” buttons than you can shake a stick at.

So roll a warlock! You won’t regret it.

(My name is Queklain, and I approve this message.)


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