So You Think You're Hardcore?

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The next best thing to actually playing WoW is talking about it, and since I can’t play right now (thanks a lot, Duke Energy) I guess I’ll take a moment and answer a shared topic at Blog Azeroth, “Casuals, Players, and Raiders”:

I was thinking of a post basically on Raiding and raiders, or rather why a raider wants to raid, and why raiding guilds fall apart over summer when their members can’t raid, coupled with a comment on Anna’s site I realised that I went from the truly casual to a fairly hardcore raider, and yes when I was guildless for less than a week I got bored not being able to raid. I know it from my perspective, and its different to many others, what I call casual still wasn’t really casual, I was still top dps in instances or tanking stuff when I was online, I suppose my definition of casual is more “experienced gamer playing for a short time each week”.

This got me thinking, what are we, why are we, what does this mean and how do we relate to each other. One of the guys in my guild (a non-raider atm due to gear level) was surprised when I offered to run people through Stockades because I seem like a hardcore raider, so doing stuff like that isn’t really in the mandate.

So I think there are really three types of players, the casual, the players and the raiders, and I thought it would be interesting to hear what people think they are, what they were and how they got to be what they are and what they think of the other groups.

Any thoughts?

Why yes, I have a few.


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