Mags, Goals, and Moolah

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Well, first things first: I got my Shadoweave set finished! Barna sent my two shadowcloth, and was kind enough to toss in a couple more he found, and then Xoriah sent me the last two, so all I had to do was round up the primal waters and the netherweb and bam - robe!

That’s me, looking sassy, shadowy, and a little undergeared in a PUG Magtheridon group. How’d it go? Well, surprisingly, I felt I contributed a lot, and I certainly had fun in what I guess was my first raid ever in WoW, but it ended a bit like this:

That’s me, dead center, dead on the pedestal. The first time we actually got Mags down to 28%-ish when one of our major healers was knocked offline. Things went to pot after that. The second time, one of our cube-clickers went offline, but not in such a time that he could realize it and call out a backup clicker, so we got Blast Nova’d. The third time, something like 1/3 of the raid got knocked offline. I’m officially blaming network issues for this wipe! (The reason I’m on the pedestal to begin with is that I saw the clicker on this side go offline and ran to her cube. Too bad a guy on the other side got knocked offline at the same time.)

It was a pretty educational experience, and after that, I can definitely see I’m going to keep raiding on Queklain. It’s everything I loved about instances only ten times as good - more strategy, more teamwork, and more awesome bossfights.

And the last part of the title? I need cash. Like, severely. I think I have under 200g after hastily preparing for this raid.


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