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I build more transmogs around helmets than almost anything else. I rarely, if ever, hide my helmet, so I like to have something that’s visually interesting, even if it’s maybe a little bit ugly. Therefore it was absolutely perfect when I came into possession of a Faceguard of the All-Consuming Maw recently. From the moment I saw the hat that looks like a cross between a zergling’s face and a dead dinosaur, I knew one thing: I was going to have to mog around this hat.

and so I did

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Changes for other classes

Nothing here is faction-specific (the two quest reward pieces are both from neutral quests), but if you wanted to wear this as a warrior or a paladin, the pieces you’d have to swap out are the head, chest, hands, and waist.

  • Head: Crown of the Golden Golem (Throne of Thunder LFR, from Dark Animus) is identical! This is the only really easy replacement, unfortunately.
  • Chest: There are several lookalikes in terms of model - all from ICC heroic bosses - but ironically all of them are the wrong color. You can honestly wear whatever you want as long as it’s a dark color - 90% of your chestpiece is covered by the tabard. In an earlier iteration I was using Goblin Treat Tin, and no one could tell how badly mismatched it is. If you really want to match, you can get the awesomely-named Chestplate of Violent Detonation (Throne of Thunder LFR, from Jin’rokh the Breaker) or the Rot-Proof Greatplate (Throne of Thunder LFR, from Megaera), but I really don’t think it’s necessary. As I said - thanks to the tabard, you can just get “close enough” with the chestplate.
  • Hands: There is unfortunately no lookalike for these that isn’t death knight specific. You might try other Throne of Thunder LFR pieces that visually match the Helm of the Golden Golem - those would be Pathogenic Gauntlets from Primordius and Rein-Binder’s Fists from Iron Qon.
  • Waist: The neat thing about Acherus Knight’s Girdle is that it is unique: it is an invisible, transmog-able belt. I don’t even know what mogging belts is like anymore. ;) For those of you who aren’t that lucky, your best bet is to either try to match the helmet (although that belt is a little freaky looking), or go with a “micro-belt” - pencil thin belts, conveniently available in purple and green.
  • BONUS: Back: If you can’t get anyone to do Heroic Rhyolith with you, the Mantle of Doubt from Elemental Bonds: The Vow has all the same colors, but in a different shape, as does the Sleek Flamewrath Cloak sold by Naresir Stormfury at Friendly with Avengers of Hyjal (the Firelands raid rep).



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