We're a Bunch of Idiots

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What would you say if I told you, on the last boss of a raid tier, during a progression fight, we:

  1. Had a healer die almost immediately due to talking in /g instead of moving out of the bad
  2. Had people run to the wrong place and thus nearly kill three other raid members
  3. Accidentally messed up a fairly important mechanic and spent the last phase of the fight in one quarter of the room
  4. Spent the entire fight chattering on Vent about songs to use for the kill video for the boss we hadn’t downed yet

… and then finished the fight for the first time on that pull?

TTGF: We’re a bunch of idiots sometimes, but damn it, we have fun.

(Video and editing by Rades. Grats to our raid team: Protoq, Corvster, Fabulor, Normanitee, Lyon, Krizhek, Nharzul, Sithari, Orkchops, and the unfortunately-absent Tartshapdbox. Onward to heroics!)


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