My Brain Is Full of Murlocs

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EDIT: Looks like Blizzard, too, came to the conclusion that this didn’t make a single bit of sense. You now get to keep your valor in 5.2. Conquest will continue to convert to Honor, but there will be new honor gear, so all’s well that ends well.

Trying to comprehend what is going on in the collective minds at Blizzard is sometimes a struggle, but I think trying to figure this one out might take the cake.

Blizzard: Hey guys, in 5.2, we’re going to make all the Valor gear from 5.0 and 5.1 cheaper so that it’s easier to catch up in terms of gearing. It’ll still cost Valor, though.

Me: Okay, that’s pretty cool, I guess, I mean, earning Valor isn’t exactly fast, but considering there’s some good stuff for like 600 VP at that point…

Blizzard: Also we’re going to take away all of your Valor Points and convert them to nigh-fucking-useless Justice Points instead.


how about no

This is one of the most boneheaded decisions in a good long while - the JP battle-stones are not “new things to spend your Justice on,” and they’re horribly underwhelming at that, since they just promote a pet to uncommon. The new heirlooms are an even bigger JP sink since they require you to essentially buy an heirloom twice in order to get 5 more levels out of them. They’re not getting any stronger or conferring more experience beyond scaling to 85. Plus it’s not like Justice Points are going to be any easier to get in the first place.

I just

I don’t

this is blizzard


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