Transmog Hat Trick

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Here’s three transmogs I’m using or have used recently (mostly preserved here so I remember how to reassemble them in the future).

Plate of the Faceless

A little outfit I threw together after receiving the Helm of the Faceless while helping gear lowbies for Herald of the Titans. The weapon is a new accessory thanks to Narci; come 5.2 it can be mogged onto any two-handed non-polearm, non-staff weapon. This is a plate transmog with no class requirements.

pic from wowhead viewer

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Fists of Molten Fury

I’m actually using this as resto now; I need to find a good staff to match since LFR decided to play a cruel joke and drop the sha-touched staff for my rarely-played resto set. Unspeakable Secret, maybe? This is a mail outfit with (surprisingly) no class restrictions - it uses the non-class-specific Burning Crusade recolors of Earthfury, so if you really want an elemental-looking hunter, be my guest.

pic from Pandalaran

View the complete outfit on Wowhead

Claw of the August Celestials

This actually came about after envying Fabulor’s kickin’ August Celestials transmog:

first, Fabulor

I got pretty close, but the amount of blue mail that matches the tabard is actually surprisingly low! Still, I like the way it came out, although the low resolution on the boots still bugs me. I might change it up in the future. Anyway. This is a mail outfit, Shaman-only due to using a few pieces of tier gear. Please ignore the stupid way the armory and Wowhead draw off-hand fist weapons, I assure you they work correctly in-game.

and now me

View the complete outfit on Wowhead


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