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These are always fun: let’s see what people have been searching for that leads them here, and answer some obvious ones.

“about the headless horseman symbolize”

The Headless horseman was once a Knight of the Silver Hand named Sir Thomas Thomson. He was present for the Scourge destructon of Lordaeron, Baron Rivendare’s betrayal of the living, and heard of Arthas’ murder of King Terenas. When Alexandros Mograine fell, Sir Thomas sent his family to Kalimdor for safety while he stayed in Lordaeron with the Scarlet Crusade to kill the undead. Gradually, as is par for the course for the Scarlet Crusade, he went mad, and during one of the Scarlets’ raids on “plagued” villages, he killed his own family before realizing who they were. Sir Thomas’ mind, in self-defense, convinced him that he was alive while everyone else was plagued and the ships meant for Kalimdor had either never made it or fell victim to the plague of undeath. He slew many of his own comrades in the Monastery before being beheaded. Grand Crusader Dathrohan gave him a funeral, as he had been an honorable knight, and then Dathrohan - who is, as you may remember, the dreadlord Balnazzar - warped Thomas into the Headless Horseman. (Most of this info is from the World of Warcraft manga, but some of it is in game, in the form of the quest Free At Last! - Alliance version, Horde version).

But what does he symbolize?

Even when you’re fighting the undead, try not to lose your head.

“algalon transmog” / “algalon transmogrification”

You wish. Sadly, nothing will make you look like a space nerd other than the Elegon fight.

“blood pun”

I’m not sure there are any more! I think that vein of puns has been bled dry.

“can u rename a mop battle pet in wow after u already renamed it?”

  1. Look, there’s only two more letters in you. Stop being such a lazy git and type it out.
  2. Yes, you can. You can also use spaces in names. You cannot, apparently, use the word ‘The.’

“does the winged steed of ebon blade not account wide”

It is a class-specific mount, so it will show up on your death knights. Otherwise, no, it does not account wide. Whatever that means.

“gambar harvestmoon”

Well, I know what I’m naming my druid.

“george s patton death”

George S. Patton was injured in an auto accident on December 9, 1945, on his way to a hunting trip the day before he was scheduled for a permanent trip back from Europe to the US. He suffered a forehead wound and a severe cervical spinal cord injury, immediately paralyzing him from the neck down. 12 days later he died of a pulmonary embolism, on December 21, 1945. They made a movie about it..

“is glyph of felguard worth it”

“play and get money”

I wish.

“trouble healing headless horseman”

You should try healing your party instead.

I kid, I kid!

In all actuality, he is a lot easier post-hotfix - the pumpkins don’t hit nearly as hard, and even if you’re not a class that can cleanse Squash Soul, you should be okay. Of course, the holiday’s over in 3 days.

“what level do monk healers get more fun”

Level 10. You should be mixing it up in melee in Serpent Stance, not spamming Soothing Mist.

“wrathguard not displaying weapon”

First, make sure it’s a 2H axe, 2H sword, or polearm - 2H maces do not work, and neither does any 1H weapon.

Second, make sure it’s in your backpack - in the original 16 slots. Any other bag won’t work.

Past that, there is a bug where occasionally they’ll render without a weapon in one hand. It’s bizarre, but resummoning should fix it.


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