Four Years

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Four years ago, I was just some nobody who played an MMO, had three alts, and wanted to write mostly about his warlock. I had a copy of Wordpress and a can-do (or at least will-do-and-see-what-comes-of-it) attitude. I hadn’t blogged in two years because I had been stuck at a crappy job, but now the writing bug had bitten. I was unguilded and pretty much didn’t have a clue and wanted to write about it, and that’s when I started my blog.

Four years later, although not without some pauses, I’m still writing (blogging again with a vengeance these days, says Fim) and still playing WoW (although with a few more than three characters, and way more than just one game). Blog systems have come and gone (currently: Octopress), server transfers and faction & race changes have come and gone, and yet I keep coming back, and I keep writing about it. I occasionally show up on podcasts, and I talk daily on Twitter with a wide and vibrant community of people who share the same passion for these same pixels that I do.

I’ll keep writing until people stop reading, I guess. Thanks to those of you who still do.

Looking forward to Pandaria


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