Bag Space Intervention

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And this is just part of the big picture


First off, I blame Rades.

After seeing his post about Goblinventory I couldn’t very well not give it a try, so that’s just what I did. It’s quick enough - especially now that they have a ‘show/hide all’ button so I was able to just hide my entire duplicate bank and inventory - and produces a really nice-looking page of your inventory. In fact, here’s Zulfon’s.


The Bloodsail Sash is listed as a consumable for some reason. It doesn’t even have an on-use effect… But this isn’t Goblinventory’s fault - it’s actually categorized as a consumable by Wowhead, andb the reason for that is because that’s what WoW thinks it is. I don’t even know sometimes.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics (But Mostly Statistics)

† If you’ve never seen the Acherus Knight’s Girdle in action: it takes the texture of the top portion of whatever leg-piece you’re using. It does produce a very, very faint line which you can usually only see on armor with no waist, like in this screenshot; for all intents and purposes, the Acherus Knight’s Girdle is an invisible belt. This is a godsend for transmogrification.

†† Why yes, I do have two bags no longer available in the game, thanks for noticing.


  • I don’t know why I have two Violet Signets; in the time since I took this inventory snapshot, I’ve deleted one of them.
  • If you look carefully, the set of armor I was using when I stopped raiding ICC is in there. Part’s in void storage, one very important piece is in my bank.
  • My entire set of Bloodsail Admiral gear is also in there. I used to have a Speedsteel Rapier/Blackwater Cutlass to go with it, but both of the swords seem to have vanished.
  • I also don’t know why I have all those tabards. I’m pretty sure I can dispose of the Northrend and city tabards by now, except Silvermoon City (I actually am working on that rep still). I occasionally wear the Sporeggar tabard to raids.
  • I love Master Builder’s Shirt; it is, as far as I can tell, one of the only black shirts without any fancy-schmancy doodads on it, and which actually looks black. I’d like to have the Sawbones Shirt, but I’ve been farming it for two years. It isn’t gonna drop. Also wouldn’t complain about Precious’ Ribbon.
  • I’ve got a chunk of a Sulfuron Hammer in there; I’m just missing 5 Sulfuron Ingots, all the Dark Iron and Blood of the Mountain, and the Eye of Ragnaros. No biggie, right?


I seriously need new bags. Netherweave? Really? I have a 525 tailor - this is just sad.


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