Pulled the Trigger. Pow. It's Dead, Jim.

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NSTK-ites can confirm I haven’t been in-game lately - pretty much since dinging 50 and finishing my Jedi Knight’s story, in fact. I also haven’t said much about the game at all, as the 3 of you still reading this blog can attest to. So after posting it in the officer forums to let them know first, I can in fact confirm that I canceled my SWTOR subscription (and exactly 1 day before it was set to auto-renew, too). Rather than re-explain it all, I’ll just repost here the relevant portions what I posted there.

Surprising absolutely no one, since I haven’t been on in how long? I pulled the trigger and canceled my subscription today. No single big reasons, just a lot of small ones rolled into one.

  • I dinged 50 on my JK, but can’t make the times for the PvE endgame groups and have no desire to do the PvP endgame, so after finishing his story, he’s basically done

  • No interest in leveling another Republic character - doing 90% of the same exact quests doesn’t appeal to me, even with the different story

  • Just not really that invested into the Imperial side, either; no desire to level there

So basically with nothing to do on my one endgame-level character, and no desire to level any further alts, there was no point to keeping my subscription around because nothing sounds fun in-game anymore. So I canceled.

And that’s that.


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