Level 50? Check. Done.

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Now to do everything else.

Ding! 50.

The character shown there is Fortress (or as I say when I’m saying it out loud, THE INDOMITABLE FORTRESS EPSILON), and he, along with Doc, leveled by finishing up a bonus quest on Corellia. I promptly finished up in that area then Fleet Passed back to buy craptons of new ranks of skills, a new speeder, and to gear up T7 for the inevitable story quest in which I am stuck with T7 for some reason. (That’s literally all I know about it thus far.)

So, Onward

I’m tempted to just skip the rest of the non-Jedi-Knight-story parts of Corellia, but I know 1.2 is bringing new Corellia dailies, and I’d wager those would just require the planet to be completed, so I’ll end up doing these quests eventually.

Also need to take a look at the Belsavis dailies, now that I can do them, and start gearing up, even though I likely won’t be able to run Ops with my guild until early June due to schedule shenanigans - right now the weekday Op group, which would normally be ideal for me, runs on the same nights that I play L5R, while the weekend Op group is out of the picture because weekends are the only time I get to spend time with my girlfriend (at least for a couple months until we move in together).

Fort also has some crew skill work to do; slicing is (of course) maxed and bioanalysis is a mere 4 points from cap, but biochem is sitting at 280, mostly due to a lack of … some specific part, I don’t remember what one.

But beyond that?

Alts, Alts, Alts, Alts

Lots of alts. I may not be as much of an altoholic as Psynister, but thanks to the measly 8 character slots per server, like him, I’m feeling a need to actually plan my Legacy. At this point, there’s only two things set in stone: Fortress, who’s level 50, and Jentra, my zabrak Jedi Shadow, who is 46 and right behind him. That leaves me six slots, which right now are being used for:

  • Vormav, chiss bounty hunter, probably my first “serious” Empire alt - need to talk to the dudes in Mongbat about getting him joined up.

  • Shepard, human trooper, but probably not for long - though I will keep him around to squat on that name forever before I get around to playing a trooper because it is GLORIOUS.

  • Kyzur, my very first character, who I don’t have a real urge to play but I haven’t had the balls to delete yet.

  • Rolento, a cyborg gunslinger - again, mostly sitting on the name at this point, as I plan to reroll him once I unlock some further legacy stuff.

  • Two empty slots.

I feel cramped already. I really hope that Bioware determines the requirements for further slots because I pretty much want to unlock all the things.

Here’s hoping.


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