Shard-hunting on Belsavis

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What you see above is someone taking a circuitous route through Belsavis to get Rakata Energy Cubes. You’ll need 4 of these (among your group, that is, or 4 by yourself if you’re solo) to hunt down the Green Matrix Shard on Belsavis. I didn’t particularly need them on my Jedi Shadow, but my Jedi Knight needed it… and now he has all three green shards for his level 50 Matrix Cube, at level 35.

Why yes, I do believe in preparedness.

Anyway, to get a general idea of the process afterwards, check out SWTOR Spy’s article on the Belsavis datacrons - and use the above video to take a route. It took me about two hours, all told, spread across two attempts (the second was much shorter than the first, and was the route I was taking AFTER watching that vid).

(Bonus points: if you have slicing 250+, there are usually tons of slicing nodes around here - varying, of course, by server population - but especially around the wrecked spaceship along the route. You’ll know it because it’s the only part with droids.)


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