Welcome to Hoth, It's Cold

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Deal with it.

Hoth: it’s cold. It’s once again full of pirates. Jentra’s level 43. And it’s cold. It’ll probably be another week or two before 50 is a realistic possibility due to circumstances, but there it is. Even then I might wait until my JK hits 50 as well before committing to any kind of single character for endgame (Fortress is, in fact, level 32 - on the last few quest chains of Alderaan - proving that no matter the class, I evidently level at exactly the same pace every time when solo).

Oh, and Jentra is also nearly Social IV. Too bad there’s… not really any social gear I want at Social IV.

The guild did a couple test run operations and the results were good, as you can see from the operation progress tracker¬†on the side of the guild website. Grats all! We haven’t tried Karagga’s Palace yet, apparently; I’m kind of hoping to eventually get to see that, as I am way more excited about “Hutt mounted on a giant robot” than “powerful imprisoned guy with glitchy platforms.”


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